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Backpacks & More

Backpacks & More

Choose the backpack that is right for you. Each backpack is filled with the basics and little more so you and your family will be warm and comfortable when you need it most.

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1 Person 3-Day Backpack

Filled with the basics to keep one person sustained for 72 hours. Food, warmth, sanitation, personal hygiene, shelter, comfort, and first aid. Plus a few necessities just for you.

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can be shipped within 7 days days

2 Person 3-Day Backpack

Filled with the basics to keep two people sustained for 72 hours. Food, warmth, sanitation, personal hygiene, shelter, comfort, and first aid. Plus a few necessities just for you.

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Mini First-Aid Backpack

This mini backpack is filled with more than 50 first aid items. It even has a carabiner so you it's perfect for family hikes, diaper bags, and sports bags.

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can be shipped within 14 days

Bling Survival Bracelet

It's a survival bracelet with approximately six feet or paracord rope--with a little bling. Perfect for any City Girl.

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Go Girl Female Urinal

The Go Girl female urinal is the perfect complement to your backpack. Whether you are on a camping trip, music festival, or in a disaster situation...Don't Take Life Sitting Down.

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Resqme Escape Tool

Over 3 million motorists worldwide carry resqme® – keychain car escape tool, to keep their family safe on the road!. This 2 in 1, safety and survival tool, allows you to cut a jammed seatbelt and to break a side window in your car.


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Student 24 Hour Pack

Your school may require you to provide emergency supplies for you child. If so, the student pack is 24 hours of supplies packaged in a zip plastic bag.

$18.00 / unit(s)
In stock

Blue Can Water

Blue Can Water is changing the way families store water for emergencies. With a 50 Year Shelf Life, you'll only need to think about water once.

$45.00 / box(es)

Luci Outdoor 2.0 Solar Light

The Luci Solar Light aims to please. She can be inflated or collapsed depending on your need. Provides up to 24 hours of light. 

$23.00 / unit(s)


Luci® EMRG - Anytime. Anywhere. Any WeatherTM

Lightweight, waterproof and shatterproof, Luci EMRG provides ultra-bright, reliable light to guide your way indoors and out, through blackouts or extreme conditions – anytime, anywhere and in any weather. 

$18.00 / unit(s)

Dorm Room Survival Kit

Ensure that your college student has the supplies they need even when you aren't nearby. This pack includes basic tools and supplies, first-aid, and five year shelf-life emergency food and water. 

$59.00 / unit(s)

Hard Shell Pepper Spray

Protecting you and your family is part of the preparedness conversation. This hard shell case is ready when you are.

$13.00 / unit(s)

Teen Backpack

Perfect for you teen driver. Includes the basics of preparedness including food and water. 

$59.00 / unit(s)

Stun Gun

Take protecting you and your family to an electrfying level with this stun gun. Features a flashlight and disable pin so the device can not be used against you. 


$28.00 / unit(s)

3,600 Calorie Bar

Lemon flavored 3,600 Calorie food bar with a 5 year shelf life

$11.25 / unit(s)

Field Tech Bag

The Field Tech bag is perfect for the tech on the go. Since most technicians have plenty of gear, they really only need the basics of food and water. This bag was designed for City Girl Prepper's husband who is on the road all day. 

$35.00 / unit(s)

Oh Snap! Hair clip tool

Ready when you are. The Oh Snap! hair clip tool is a traditional snap clip but with a twist. It features 7 different uses. Includes 2 hair clips. 

$12.00 / unit(s)

Multi-Tasking Shovel

This multi-tasking shovel has 7 funtions. It fits into a standard size backback. Great for emergencies and camping.

$35.00 / unit(s)

Wire Ring

This stainless steel wire ring is perfect for attaching your resqme to your car visor and Lucis to your tent. 
$1.00 / unit(s)

Women's Fit Gloves

This women's fit glove is a must for emergency kits. Protect your hands so you can protect others. 
$15.00 / unit(s)

Cyalume Light Stick

With a simple bend, snap, and shake, SnapLight®industrial grade, phthalate-free chemical lightsticks provide instant light for all emergency situations. 
$3.00 / unit(s)

First Aid Kit Update

When your first aid kit medicinals expire, order this update kit so your items are always current.

$9.00 / unit(s)

Food & Water Replacement

Food and water replacement pack.

$25.00 / unit(s)

5/1 Emergency Whistle and Matches

The 5/1 Survival whistle is perfect for survivalists of all ages. Includes a box of waterproof matches.

$10.00 / unit(s)

Tactical Knife

Tactical Rescue Assisted Opening Folder Knife

$18.00 / unit(s)

NEW! Prepping Power Pack

Prepping Power Pack is a great add-on for any backpack. Includes extra tools and resources to get the job done. 

$89.00 / unit(s)

Inside Out Kit

It's just the insides. Includes more than 50 items along with 5 year shelf-life food and water to add to your favorite backpack. 

$99.00 / unit(s)