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Why City Girl Prepper Was Created

I have always been that busy woman with food, water, duct tape, trash bags, and a change of clothes in the car. In 2012 my husband and I took a (CERT) Community Emergency Response Team course through the city of Seal Beach. The gear issued by CERT was one size fit none, and so I went in search of a pair of women's fit gloves.  When looking for a pair of gloves I discovered that the marketplace was lacking women's gear. At the same time I was telling my friends about my training. I heard the same three sentiments from several moms in my neighborhood:

1. They knew they needed to be prepared but didn't know where to start

2. They had started a backpack and had been overwhelmed in the process 

3. Getting prepared stayed on their to do list for several years 

Why an emergency backpack?

There are 15 first responders for every 25,000 citizens. We will be our own first responder for at least the first 72 hours. Experts are suggesting 14 to 21 days of supplies, but 72 hours is a good start. 

Why an emergency pack for women? 

Women need supplies and proper equipment to help them provide for their family. The marketplace offers very few options for women. According to Forbes women drive 70 to 80% of all consumer purchasing through a combination of their buying power and influence. 

Who is not prepared? 

More than 80% of America does not have the supplies they need in case of a disaster. 


 80% of the women are making a decision and 80% of families are not prepared there needs to be a conversation about preparedness with women. 

The female market is been overlooked by the creators of traditional preparedness gear. It is time to get families prepared with products and conversations that are intuitive to women.

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