Survive in Style Parties

Survive in Style Parties

Survive in Style Parties

Don't just survive. Survive in Style!
Your Preparedness Coach will teach you some basic skills and tips so you can be self-reliant when disaster strikes.

Don't panic! Be Prepared.
Armed with resources and training, you’ll be able to handle that next emergency like a boss. Shop City Girl Prepper's complete line of backpacks and gear designed for every member of the family, including pets.

The City Girl Prepper team knows how to make these parties fun and great for GNOs and family BBQs. 

So, it’s time to cross “GET PREPARED” off your to-do list and plan your Survive in Style party!  

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Party Sales Total 

Credit (free money!)

1/2 Priced Item
$1,500+ $110
1,000-$1,499 $90 2
$750-$999 $75 1
$400-$749 $50 1
$250-$399 $30 1


Hostess benefits cannot be used on Blue Can Water Barrel product. Hostess credit may not be used toward purchase of half priced item.Party total is calculated on purchases prior to hostess purchases.Qualifying party sales total excludes tax, shipping, and hostess purchases. Rev. 11/2016.